Renting made simple.

Finally, the headache of un-navigable websites and elusive property managers is over. Visit our online oh-so-simple form to express your interest in a Garfield apartment, and we'll be sure to contact you when your ideal apartment is ready! We're also more than happy to answer your questions about this historic renovation.

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Not sure if The Garfield is right for you? We've designed spaces to fit every need. The Garfield has 12 apartments, several featuring lofts, and many are barrier-free.  This means whoever you are, wherever you come from, and no matter your needs, we have options to suit your lifestyle.  

3 bedroom units range from 1172 sq. ft to 1376 sq. ft- barrier free and loft options available.

2 bedroom units range from 777 sq. ft to 2110 sq. ft- many feature lofts, and barrier-free options exist.

1 bedroom units are 827 sq. ft and 898 sq. ft, and both are accommodate barrier-free/ handicap-accessible living.