A Brief History of Construction

Found in the project site information listing, here's the details of the building we've been hard at work on, added layer by new structure:

The James A. Garfield School consists of a central historic building to which have
been added two additions; they blend with the same massing. The original brick
building, erected in 1910, has a stone block foundation with full height windows on
sides and rear. Detailed brick work, in between second and third floors, and a
stepped brick beltcourse above the second story windows divide the levels. The
1922 addition doubled the size of the original building and was attached directly to
the front of the 1910 building. A slight step in between the two buildings marks the
joining; the upper beltcourse reflects this feature. The main centrally located
entrance in this newer building has transom above the door and keystone
embedded in the soldier course, in brick, around the door. A soldier course acts
also as a beltcourse above the first level windows and above the second story
windows as well. The third addition, erected in 1931, adds half the width again on
the west side. This newer addition extends the width of both buildings and is a
slightly different color brick. It incorporates a second main entrance of the same
detailing and simplicity. A brick beltcourse encompasses all three buildings at the
same level to tie all together. The final roofline is slightly stepped with the words
”Garfield School” cast in a plaque above the central section of windows.

There's a lot to learn about this amazing building, and we're well on our way to discovering many hidden gems (and dirty secrets) about this structure.  Stay tuned for more information, and photos, as we turn this beloved landmark into your next apartment! #HistoricCharmMeetsModernLiving