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The Garfield by  GBA inc.

The Garfield by GBA inc.

The Garfield is a unique project in so many ways.  We're excited to be creating a special place that will serve as a barrier-free, pet friendly living space for several families and individuals throughout our community.  Utilizing a building that has already been serving our City for more than a century makes this project even more meaningful.  The best part is knowing that this building's historic charm will stay in tact while we give it another important role: serving as home.

Yep! We're pet friendly!

We know that home means more than just a place to sleep at night.  It's more than the location you store your things.

Home is where your memories happen, where you come together with loved ones, where you start new chapters in life, and where you rest.  

Home is where your best meals create a gathering, your holidays are celebrated, and your pets remind you every evening that you are loved.

Home is where the best parts of life unfold, and we are working hard to make sure The Garfield has everything you'll need to make it the best home for you.

As we're still in the beginning stages of construction, please check back to this blog and our Twitter/ Facebook page often to stay updated.  Although we're not pre-leasing until the project is closer to completion, we are creating a waiting list for those interested in renting once The Garfield is ready to be called home.  Please click here to submit your information on our contact page to be added to the list!